Thomas Fleming Parnell

b. November 22, 1875 - Cameron, ON
m. 1905
d. June 19, 1927 - Wyevale, ON
Buried: Wyevale Cemetery - ON

Thomas Parnell was born at Cameron, ON and likely started his schooling in Cameron. He moved with his parents about 1883 to Wyevale. There he attended the one room school located one mile east of the village. For this 8 year-old boy the 4 mile walk would have been a trial. Thomas spent the rest of his life in the family home at lot 16, conc. 6, Tiny Township. He married Armina Veals of Reaboro, ON in 1905. They both served family, church and community well until Thomas' sudden death in 1927.
In the early days it was customary to care for the parents and family members as long as there was a need. Thomas and Armina served abundantly in caring for the senior Parnells, James, Anne and James' brother William.
Thomas, Armina and the young family of girls attended the Methodist Church and later the United Church in Wyevale. Armina lived to a great age and was cared for by her family until her death in her 106th year in 1986. Both are interred in Wyevale Community Cemetery.

(excerpted from Family History of James Parnell and Ann Sutton by John E Stott)

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