Thomas Albert Willerton

Bert and his boys

Bert, youngest son of Ruby Irwin and Thomas Willerton, followed in his ancestors footsteps when he left home in 1954, at age 17, to go "see the world". He found himself, with a friend, jobless and broke in Montreal. A "flip of the coin" had Bert joining the RCAF and he did travel and see the world in the service of Canada. One of his first postings was to Cold Lake, AB, where he met and married his wife, Anne. They spent the first four years of their married life in Metz, France, touring Europe and raising their daughters, Joanne and Debbie. Upon their return to Canada, their son Thomas Randal "Randy" was born in Elk Point, AB. Two years later another son, Ronald Ross, was born in Quebec City.
Further postings saw Bert and Anne and family criss-crossing our country, seeing new sights and meeting wonderful friends from coast to coast. A highlight of Bert's career was as a Chief Warrant Officer, serving as a UN Peacekeeper in Egypt for six months. Upon his retirement in 1991, he and Anne moved to Vernon, BC, where they continue to travel, visiting their children and nine grandchildren as well as wintering in Yuma, AZ.

(submitted by Bernice Willerton, Winnipeg, MB)

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