Shelley Allayne Swenson

b. November 9, 1951 - Buffalo, MN
m. Carl Bruchmann: September 15, 1973
m. Stanley Held: February 14, 2002 - Buffalo, MN

Shelley was born in Buffalo, Minnesota November 9, 1951. Her parents were Glan Swenson and Lora Scott Allen. Glen was a native of Buffalo, Minnesota who entered the United States Army during World War II. He served in the South Pacific, contracted malaria and was transferred to New Zealand for convalescence. While in the hospital in New Zealand, he met Lora. Lora's husband had been lost in the battles of El Alamien in Africa. After the war ended, Glen married Lora and brought her to Buffalo as a "war bride". Glen was educated as an attorney, conducted private practice and Wright County Service, and went on to serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives. He was later elected to the Minnesota Senate. After leaving state office, he practiced law and was appointed a district judge. Lora was very much a "Brit" in her upbringing and cultural leanings, so a transfer to a rural town in Minnesota was a difficult transition for her, however the relationship flourished.

As a child, Shelley was a lover of all animals but especially horses. Her fondest memories are of riding her beloved pony Buttercup and later other horses on the Sturges farm and surroundings of Buffalo, during a time when she and her friends left in the morning, rode all day, and were home on time in the evening. It was a safer, more simple time for kids to group up. As she grew, she spent much of her time on a horse training farm near Buffalo where she learned that loving horses also involved their care and the hard physical work that was required.

Shelley earned her BA in nursing at Gustavus Adolphus College in St Peter, Minnesota, in 1973 and went on to the University of Minnesota where she completed academic work in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Shea and Carl Bruchmann were married on September 15, 1973. The children born to Carl and Shelley were Daniel, born March 4, 1976, Lora, born February 22, 1978, and Glen born August 28, 1980. Carl and Shelley were later divorced, and Shelley concentrated on raising three children as a single mother while earning a living, many times working three jobs concurrently.

Shelley is dedicated to her children and grandchildren, Kole and Ella. She is an accomplished vocal musician, and avid reader, and dedicated to her church and her Christian religion. As a nurse, she is a serious advocate for reasonable health care and its availability to all people regardless of age, means or social issues.

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