Kenneth Ross Willerton

b. June 4, 1951 - Winnipeg, MB
d. November 5, 1967 - Winnipeg, MB

Ken was in Cubs and Scouts, and enjoyed family camping trips and family get-togethers in Winnipeg and Cloverdale, BC where his Baldwin grandparents lived. He delivered papers for the Winnipeg Free Press and later worked part-time for a grocery store. Ken enjoyed drawing, clay modelling, and making model airplanes. His final project was the "Cutty Sark" ship. Ken was in Gr. XI when he died accidentally in 1967 at the age of 16.

Memories of his Mom
Ken was our firstborn and the first grandchild of my parents. We lived above Ross' parents for a few years and they were very involved with Ken. Ken used to watch for his grandpa out of our kitchen window. As soon as he saw him, he headed downstairs (travelling backwards as little kids do) to sit on "Pra's" knee while grandpa Willerton read his newspaper. They were the best of pals. When Ken was about 2 he was always getting into something from jam to ink, but particularly he liked playing with electrical plug-ins. If his grandpa saw him at it, he would quietly go up behind him and flick his ear. Ken soon caught on to this and would cover one ear while trying to play with the plug-in with his other hand.

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