George Wesley Eyres

George Wesley Eyres was born December 8, 1889, in Austin, Texas. As a child George grew up in a somewhat wealthy family home with two brothers, LD and Walter, and a sister, Mabel. His father, William George Eyres, was a Contractor and had a succesful business in Austin. George was pampered by his parents, and as a young man did not have to work. When he married Louise von Rosenberg in 1914, his father built the couple a three bedroom house on his acreage, close the the parents' home. George had a workshop above the large garage as he was mechanically inclined and loved to work on clocks, radios, etc. He enjoyed being with people and liked to joke and tell stories.
The death of his parents and the Depression changed George and Louise's lives. They sold both houses and moved to 3208 King Street. He became a master plumber, and toward the end of WWII (1945) he was employed at the Atomic Energy Plant in Oak Ridge, TN. He was injured in an accident on the job when he was struck on the head by a steel beam being moved by a crane. He developed dizzy spells and decided to return home to Austin. Only one week after returning home on June 5, 1945, he died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 56. George is buried in Memorial Park, Austin.

(submitted by Jean Eyres Fleming)

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