The Archivist

My name is Stephanie Eyres Little. I live in Austin, TX with my mad scientist husband, Scott. I began the treasure hunt for my family a little over 5 years ago and have found a world of wonderful Eyres relatives. I am the 4th generation of Eyres to live in Austin, TX.

If you have any information, photos, newspaper clippings or other family memorabilia that you could contribute to this site, or if you would be willing to write a short biography about a relative or yourself, please contact me. My hope is to have not only dates but also a picture and some personal information about every Eyres since the first family arrived in Canada from Ireland. Please help me fill the pages of this album.

If you would like to be included in an Eyres directory on this Webpage, or would like to post your business card here, please send me your name, addresses (snail and email), and phone number.

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This webpage has been created to be viewed like a family album. To begin, find a relative in the People List in the Table of Contents. Their name is the link to that person's family page. Below is an example of how an album page looks:

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